We keep on spaying and neutering, but they also need adoption/foster

DSC07491Today, another cat was spayed due to the free spaying/neutering program started by Asociatia Robi. This cat has owners that feed her and let her live inside.. and that’s about it. She gave birth a few times, some of them “went missing” when a dog took them and ran, others simply didn’t come back.

At this point there are 2 mature female cats, a male cat that has been bitten by a dog and 3 other 3 months old kittens, all females.

The kittens have Rhinotracheitis, and they need foster homes. They can be treated at the clinic we work with, but also at home. Given the fact that they have to get treated daily, we have no guarantee that the “owners” will give them the medicine. Could you help us?

The black cat we spayed today was pregnant again. When we took her from her “owners” we were told not to bring her back there, because the store they run will shut down and they don’t have any room for them.
Unfortunately we don’t have any place for her to stay, but we really hope someone will like her and will take her home. She has a superficial old wound from a dog bite, but also lots of parasites, as you can see in the picture, leaking out of her while she was under the effect of anesthesia.
She’s a sociable cat and it’s obvious she doesn’t have a good life, even with the food, the water and the occasional foster. We will deworm her, but it’s impossible to take her in, so she’ll go back “home” today when she wakes up from anesthesia.

If you can help us by providing foster for the sick kittens or if you’d like to adopt the black cat, please contact as at asociatia.robi@gmail.com.

The remaining white cat will be spayed as soon as we deal with her kittens (if they don’t disappear, like their siblings did), since she’s still nursing them (even if they don’t need the milk anymore). If you’d like to adopt her, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are hoping for a miracle in order for the remaining cats to live. 2 weeks ago this family had 3 female cats, 2 male cats and 7 kittens. Now there are only 6 or 7 cats left ( 2 females, 1 male and 3 or 4 cubs). The rest of them are “gone”.

If you can support our spaying/neutering program please don’t hesitate. We would like to see less and less stray animals suffering, and this is the only way:

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