The kittens with eye problems

cele-2-pisicuteDo you still remember these little ones ?
Even though the kittens have been through a lot, their problems are far from being over. The two smaller and darker ones are still having serious problems with their eyes (it’s uncertain if they can ever fully recover); their eyelids had to be sewn up for the eyes to be able to regenerate without dirt entering the wounds. Because they kept tearing  out the sutures, they had to wear elizabethan collars.
The two slightly bigger ones, Taj (the redhead) and Simon (the grey one), have got over the eye problems, but unfortunately Simon had hit his head against something very badly and he was found lying on the floor, inert. He was immediately taken to the vet and now he’s struggling to get well again.
We are praying for all 4 of them to fully recover and to become suitable for adoption.

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