Souki, mother with 6 puppies saved from the streets

soukieSouki is a young stray dog that used to hang around in someone’s yard, where she was tolerated and, from time to time, received some food.
Unfortunately, she could easily get out the yard and was in danger of being taken by the dogcatchers who frequently roamed the area. A kind lady saved her from that fate ans asked for our help. Even though, the lack of space is a huge problem of ours, we took her in our care.
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Marco is looking for a family

This dog we took in our care 2 days ago from a street in Bucharest. We don’t know what happened with him, we suppose he was lost or abandoned. The first pictures with him are made right in the place we found him, he was sleeping on side walk and was really scared. We talked with some people around the area but no one knew him and they told us that he appeared in the neighborhood a few days ago. Continue reading