Bad news about the fearful tomcat.

motanel speriatYou remember the case of the very scared tomcat that we took in our care after his family was evacuated from their home:
He shows no signs of calming down as he lunged straight at Iuliana’s face while she was cleaning up his place. Thanks to Iuliana’s quick reflex, she was not hurt. He was neutered and dr Aurora Sasa also discovered during the surgery that he is not young and had his jaw broken aat one time. 
We know he cannot be adopted anytime soon but until then you can choose to virtually adopt him by supporting him financially.
If you wish to do so, please contact us: for the angry siamese tomcat.
Thank you.

Natalia, a sad story with a happy end.

nataliaNatalia’s sad story began this summer when she was found laying in a field. Her pelvis and femur were broken. She was very weak and was hospitalized for a long time. After she got well, Natalia went from foster to foster. Her last cry for help was heard by the family that recently turned from temporary to forever home.
Natalia should’ve left in a fostercare abroad but, fortunately, that will not be needed anymore. The famly that took her in foster for one month decided to keep her permanantly. Continue reading

Hanna is ready for adoption!

hannaWe introduced Hanna to you two months ago. At that time she was only a few weeks old puppy with a broken leg.

Thanks to Matei, who took her in foster care, Hanna received all the love and care she needed at then. Meanwhile, she was dewormed, vaccinated, had a surgery, then another surgery to have the metal plate removed. Now, Hanna is doing great, she is 4-5 months old, very gentle, playful and sociable. She is used to living indoors but loves going on walks and being petted.

The foster care period has ended which means Hanna must take the next step : be ADOPTED.

If you are interested in this super nice girl, please contact us: