Marty, soon available for adoption

MartyMarty is quite the lucky puppy. Even though he was abandoned and the odds seemed to be anywhere else but in his favor, he was lucky enough to be spotted by someone who asked us for help. Emil, our volunteer was getting Johnny from the shelter and because Marty was in an area in his way, he decided to stop and look for him even if he thought he was not going to find him. He did find him but caught him with difficulty for Marty was very scared and tried to bite. He is now in a warm place, with lots of food which he probably never dreamed of. We hope that by tomorrow, he will relax so we can give him a bath to get rid of all the mud in his fur.
We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Johnny – another abandoned dwarf

johnnyJohnny is one of the many cases of abandonment we stumble upon almost daily. He was found on the way to the shelter, and was apparently thrown from a car as the people in the area say. In the middle of the field, he would have had no chance of survival as it seems he was living indoors until now, being very clean.

He is now scared, confused and doesn’t or refuses to understand what has happened to him. Johhny is a pekingese mix, 4-5 years of age, was dewormed and will be vaccinated soon.

If you wish to adopt him, please contact us: