Colonel – another hopeless dog?

colonelulColonel got his name due to the problems he had with his spine after he was in an accident and was left paralyzed. He had a surgery by dr Bercaru and is now walking like nothing ever happened in the first place.
Colonel still has some problems, though. One of those is that he has no family of his own and the other one is the fact that he doesn’t trust people.
If someone would try giving him a chance, that someone will have to give him a lot of time to adapt and a large space to run free in for he does not let anyone handle him. In time, he will regain his trust and be grateful to the ones that should give him the chance to a normal life.
If his sad story doesn’t leave you indifferent and wish to give him a chance, please contact us:

Lucky – hopeless dog?

LuckyEven though his name is Lucky, he is not quite the lucky dog. He was adopted when he was a puppy by a family that did not know how to bring up a dog. Some of them loved him but others didn’t like him so they hit him and Lucky started to react and lost his trust in people. He gets aggressive around everybody and is always ready to bite.
He is now at dr Bercaru;s clinic where he will be evaluated by a dogtrainer and rehabilitated if possible.
If you like his fluffy fellow and wish to give him a chance, please contact us: