Rose drew the lucky jackpot

roseTaken by Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi a few days ago, Rose turned out to be a lucky dog. Her luck was given by the fact that she was at City Vet in the exact moment when her new owner (which at the time didn’t suspected that she will adopt her) came at the clinic. She saw her, she liked her and she decided to adopt her. And she did. Rose arrived today HOME.
We wish the two ladies to be as much together and to be happy

Sharo = Canine HERO

sharoSharo is a blood donor (by need, of course, not at all by pleasure). Once, he was also in a big deadlock because he had the bad luck to be injured and to have two paws broken. He was brought to City Vet with both front legs broken. Nobody believed that he will heal, but with a lot of work and perseverance, the dog has healed unexpectedly well.
Now Sharo is capable to help other animals that are in extreme situations and he’s doing very well.Sharo deserves our thanks for every drop of blood donated. He is a hero whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for every life saved.
We wish you to be healthy and happy, our dear Sharo. you are a wonder dog. You are a wonder dog.

Rose needs a family

RoseRose is a small size female dog that was found last night by a kind person that asked for our help in her case. The gentle and tiny dog was taken in our care. She was spayed today and will be vaccinated soon. Tomorrow she will be taken to the shelter and she won’t be very pleased about it so please help us find her the loving home she deserves to have.
Rose is young, gentle and very well behaved. Continue reading