Pina is getting ready to go home

Pina was abandoned in Campina City and her luck seemed to run out. She was very close to get caught by dog catchers but was lucky to be saved by an animal friend who took Pina and gave her to us. We treated her for parasites, vaccinated and promoted her for adoption but nobody wanted her. Still, a Roumanian established abroad liked her and decided to adopt. Therefore, Pina will leave soon to her new home, far away from Roumania.

Babys, the blind lady – ADOPTED

babysBabys (as we named her) is an old female dog with health problems. She has cataract and has very poor eye sight.
She follows her sense of smell and hearing to get around. Besides this, her overall condition is good and seems to have many years left to live.

The bad part is that the shelter is not the ideal solution for her so we ask for your help in finding her a responsible family that will accept her the way she is.
Therefore, please share her album and give her the chance to a new life.
Thank you to all that share her story.
You can find Babys here:

Bubbles and Milly, after a couple of months

biggIn this photo you can see Bubbles and Milly, two dogs that were adopted outside the country over a half a year ago.
Bubbles was a dog that lived on the streets and was fed by Anca (which couldn’t ignore the group consisting of ten dogs: a mother and two rows of pups), and Milly was a dog that became ill of distemper and which remainedwith a few sequels. Even if Milly isn’t a normal dog, she had the chance to be adopted. What sequels had Milly? Look here:

We’re glad that both of them grew big and beautiful and that they receive the love and the warmth of a home. This special cases which have a happy ending make us believe that there’s still hope.
Please give a chance to an adult dog or one with a handicap and the reward for your actions will appear very soon

News from Sophie and Sasha

pisoiiLittle Sophie and Sasha soon arrived at their new home. Yesterday, their adopters wrote to us with go news. The kittens are very happy with their family, especially since they weren’t separated. The little ones had an unpleasant surprise: they had to take a bath. 🙂
It seems they made a very good impression: they eat everything of their bowls and quickly learned to use the litter box. Sophie was taken to the vet and treated for her conjunctivitis. 
We didn’t dream to find such a good home for two little kitten born in a tree.
Thank you!