Hei, remember us? We are now ready for adoption.

We arrived at Robi when we were just little cubs – 3 mother dogs and 13 puppies. The owner of the place we were born was planning to throw us in his car and abandon us as far away as possible. We were lucky to end up at Robi, otherwise we have no idea what would have become of us.
Now, we are all grown up and ready for adoption, even virtual because we have a huge appetite and need a lot of food.
If you wish to adopt us permanently or virtual, please send a message at asociatia.robi@gmail.com.
Video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=741343412604884

Dodolina / Mica “living the high life”

dodoSix months have passed since our Dodolina arrived HOME. Her „parents” didn’t forget us and they, once again, sent us news about the sweet doggy. Here is what the adoptive parents say to us:
Tiny is now totally accommodated. Extremelly loving, warm and friendly, both with humans and other dogs, and with Cezar, the other „son” she’s living a real love story. They are very happy together!
She got used with the car (she really likes to watch the trucks, she sits with her nose glued to the window when we pass one), she really likes to walk outside (she is the one that makes us to go out, when it’s time). A really amazing news is that the condition of her tail miraculously improved! Continue reading