Bobby and Tigruta/Missy, in their daily life

bobbyDo you remember the case of the 40 kittens that were in urgent need of adoption?
Click the link to remember their story:
Two of these kittens had the chance of being adopted by a wonderful family from Cluj. The luck was on their side when lady Daniela N. helped us with the kittens transport to Cluj, but you better click  the link and you can see the problems that appeared immediately after the adoption and how the new owners of the kittens resolved them.
We thank, from the bottom of our hearts to all the people that helped us find new owners for the kittens, and especially the owners, which we’ll never forget.
We hope that we’ll manage to find other great owners for the kittens that are still in the care of mister M.

ADA comunication


Bancescu Lies and Steals Shamelessly

Oprescu’s thug desperately clings on the 7 million City Hall budget, he continues to catch and kill dogs and declare false and exaggerated numbers, despite the court’s decision to suspend the methodological norms for the application of Law 258/2013, despite the opposition of the civil society, despite the numerous criminal complaints from animal rights activists, despite the violation of the court orders and many other abuses, despite that Oprescu and the Ponta government are now targeted by the EU Parliament, from referral of the German Tierschutzpartei MEP, Stefan Eck.
Bancescu’s statement that the “euthanasia” is permitted by law, the norms having nothing to do with killing dogs, is a lie. ASPA has now no legal basis under which to continue their program of catching and killing stray dogs.
There is no room for any interpretation, the law is not to be construed, but to be enacted.

For those who still find this unclear, we quote below the text of the law:

The 155/2001 Emergency Ordinance, through subsequent amendments and modifications, becomes Law 258/2013. According to Article V of this law, it can only be enacted by means of methodological norms. Article V: Within 15 days from the date of entry into force of this Act, the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority will issue norms for the application of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 155/2001, approving the stray dogs management program, adopted with amendments and modifications brought by the Law no. 227/2002, with later modifications, and the amendments made by this Act.
This law was passed by the Romanian Parliament, according to art. 147 paragraph (2) with respect to Art. 75 and art. 76 paragraph (1) of the Romanian Constitution. The norms were adopted through GD 1059/2013 concerning the approval of the rules for the enactment of GEO 155/2001, approving the stray dogs management program, published in the Oficial Monitor, Part I, no. 829 of 23.12.2013. It is clear that we are talking about norms of an Ordinance that became the Law 258. On June 20, 2014, the Court of Appeal ruled to suspend the GD 1059/2013 through decision 1982/2014. According to Law 544/2004 regulating the legal administrative department, the injunction is enforceable by law.

To everyone’s understanding, but less to and less Mayor’s Oprescu, any activity of stray dog catching and killing is currently suspended until another later order given by the Court of Appeal, so IT IS A CRIME because it violates a court order.

The stubbornness of the dogcatcher chief to break the law has a real motivation: the 7 million euro that Oprescu entrusted him with. The scheme of the misappropriation of public funds by ASPA is very simple, so simple that it can be implemented by rudimentary persons like Bancescu and his subordinates, Ancuţa and Treeroiu:
-when they started the catching and killing program, The Bucharest City Hall declared a total of 65,000 dogs on the streets, although this figure was not confirmed by any professional study, done by an independent company, with expertise in the field, but the SRI (Romanian Information Service, the former Securitate, that Oprescu’s father worked for as a general), the former colleagues of Oprescu’s father, his neighbours from Primaverii, (Ceausescu’s neighbourhood), the Securitate crew. THE REAL NUMBER OF THE STRAY DOGS IN BUCHAREST WAS OF AT LEAST TWICE LOWER THAN THE ONE ADVISED BY SRI.
-the dog catching and killing services are outsourced to partner companies, obscure companies, without any expertise in the field. These companies receive 50 euros for each captured dog, while the capture of a dog as do ASPA and partner companies at the moment – without any qualified and trained staff, without substance tranquilizers, in a barbaric and traumatic manner for the dogs – should not cost more than 2 euros, according FOUR PAWS International Organization. MOST OF THE SERVICES OF ASPA ARE DIRECTED TO THE PARTNER COMPANIES.
-the number captured dogs was inflated on paper, which is possible and available to this institution because there is no database of captured dogs and they do not wear a microchip unless they are adopted. THE REAL NUMBER OF THE DOGS CAUGHT AND KILLED BY ASPA CAN NOT BE VERIFIED, BECAUSE THERE IS NO INFORMATICADATABASE AND INFORMATION SYSTEM MONITORING DOGS.

What allows this serious violation of the law, motivated by the millions of euros that Bancescu does not want to give up, even at the cost of years of prison to be sentenced? Paranoia. Oprescu’s paranoia, who has the illusion that the votes are counted in dog dead bodies, and, despite the will of 65% of the Romanian population, it will be considered the saviour of the children of Bucharest. That the massacre, spoliation and shame that a whole country is a subject now will be forgotten after the city will refill with street dogs in less than a year after the elections


catalinaCatalina, our good friend and volunteer, a person who, for her entire life, has helped people and saved animals, now needs our help!
She underwent lung surgery on July 22 and seemed to be slowly recovering when her condition suddenly worsened. On Aug 18 she had to be hospitalized again, and this time the doctors discovered two tumors in her brain. The first tumor was removed on Aug 28. When her physical condition allows it, she will have a second surgery to remove the remaining tumor, and she will need permanent assistance until her health condition improves. Continue reading

Good luck Wendy

wendyWendy is a kitten that arrived in our care after her owner died. The little one was sterilized, vaccinated and for more than one year, she waits for a chance. Well, it looks like today the miracle that we hoped for, really happened. Wendy arrived at her new home where we hope that she’ll remain for the rest of her life. We wish them good luck and also we are sure that they will have a wonderful life together

URGENT! 5 dogs and 13 puppies

catei multoA few days ago, our help was requested involving 5 dogs (2 males and 3 females) and 13 pups.
They were brought and raised for a while on a construction site, but soon the land will begin to be used and of course, the dogs will have to disappear. They’ll either be abandoned in a forest, either someone will call the dogcatchers.
Because we no longer cope, we’re extremely crowded and we can’t take in our care dogs, please help these poor souls.
If you can offer a small place, for any of these dogs, you can contact us at: