News from Tarzan

We told you not a long time ago that tarzan needs a family and then we told you proudly that Tarzan was adopted.

Now you can see him in his house. His name is now Tarzy and his owners had a hard lesson that made them realize the role of neuter. We hope they will not forget it until Tarzy will be old enough to be neutered.

We want to thank them for the news and how they take care of him.

News from Tara

39023674_2173745579364653_3563816463238168576_nYou know that we melt when we receive good news from the ones that adopted one of our dogs.
Look at Tara after she was adopted and look how Tara is now after an year of adoption.

Beautiful and lucky isn’t she?
Thank you very much dear owners because you did not forget about us and we hope to receive other good news from you.

What news do we have from Odette?

38638961_2160966320642579_311865168864739328_nYou know Odette since she was only a few months old when she was found in a forest with her brothers and she was very skinny. She is now a big girl and even If she stayed at Animax Vulcan for a month nobody wanted her at first because she was shy.

One Day someone saw something special in her, , a sensible and gentle dog and did not want to let her end up in the shelter where her evolution would not be benefic. She was in foster at one of our volunteers. She started to learn things, to stop doing in the house and everything that includes the expectation an owner has from an animal that is going to live in the apartment. This was not easy, everything was earned by spending a lot of time with her outside (where she is scared of strangers), patience and a lot of love. Without the time dedicated to dog education love and patience you can not have results. Continue reading

News from Toulouse

toulouseThe animals hair can be a real problem to owners, but there are also alternatives. Now you can see one of our ex furry cat, his name is Toulouse who was adopted and from who we receive from time to time news.
Toulouse had a haircut, even If he is a cat, he enjoys it and that made everything easier for the owners.

News from Happy/Cooper

37534618_2123730504366161_6049326845025845248_nHappy one of the puppies that we saved was seen and liked by Andrei, a special boy that even If he has an athletic stature is a very sensitive person.
He wanted Happy very much , I almost did not give him and that would be a terrible mistake.

As you can see Happy (now Cooper) is a spoiled dog and he is now in the perfect place for him.
We want to thank Andrei again because he wanted Happy very much and because he is taking care of him.

News from Blu

37425869_2123815051024373_1689572432676913152_nOne of our beautiful dogs was adopted in special conditions.
Blu is a happy and loving dog who is unfortunately scared of people.
His owner adopted him even If they knew this and that is what they wrote to us:
We are back with a few photos with our spoiled Blu! Anyone that is coming in our yard is happy to see Blu! And what do you think? He does not like it at all.
He gives life to the yard!

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News from Wella/Tara

37600744_2125703360835542_1405866229045919744_nThree years passed since a dog that we saved named Wella was adopted in Timisoara.
Look what her owners are writing to us:

Greetings from Timisoara. We thought to make you happy with a few pictures with Tara, our cutie saved by you and adopted by us. Three years passed since she is in our care and she is ok, happy and wonderful. She sleeps a lot, bark a lot and she is bossy with everyone. She loves to go on walks (especially when people stop to give her attention) and with Ronnie, our cat they give us joy in every moment and make us wonder how we lived before they were a part of our life?
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We swore

34788876_2044263192312893_5086053482549477376_oWe swore that we will not take more animal, for many reasons. We are taking care already of too many, I have an age that does not allow me to raise more puppies. Even If I said that, yesterday, around 5 o’clock, a crying small cat woke me up and until I was not sure that she was safe I could not sleep. I had to climb a big fence to save her, but some people form the neighbourhood helped me,that is how I found the poor kitty. Now she is not in danger, she is crying only when she is hungry, she is still dependent on milk, she can not eat alone, but soon she will.
If you know how to feed a kitty so small and want to adopt her, please send us an e-mail at:
We will call her Elle and we are waiting for adoption requests.