Have a safe trip, Vulpitzu. We are gonna miss you.

vulpiFive years ago Vulpitzu was in danger, he was living on the streets. Mona, our volunteer asked us to take him.
We took him and until now he was not lucky enough to have a family. Today Mona came and took him home, where a big yard is waiting for him.

Vulpitzu was for a long time afraid and he did not let us touch him, but lately he seemed that he accepted the life he had in the shelter and he was grateful for the chance that we offered him. He let us eventually to love him and caress him.

Today he was a little bit scared because he did not understand what is going to happen to him. We can say that dogs have a fate just like people. Have a safe trip Vulpitzu and we hope to have news from you because we will miss you very much.

Vulpitzu is home now. His first reaction was to hide but then he started to become confident and brave. He smelled the yard and took a walk.
He will get used to his new home quickly and all the effort to keep him and take care of him was worth it.
Vulpitzu will have an wonderful life.