We swore

34788876_2044263192312893_5086053482549477376_oWe swore that we will not take more animal, for many reasons. We are taking care already of too many, I have an age that does not allow me to raise more puppies. Even If I said that, yesterday, around 5 o’clock, a crying small cat woke me up and until I was not sure that she was safe I could not sleep. I had to climb a big fence to save her, but some people form the neighbourhood helped me,that is how I found the poor kitty. Now she is not in danger, she is crying only when she is hungry, she is still dependent on milk, she can not eat alone, but soon she will.
If you know how to feed a kitty so small and want to adopt her, please send us an e-mail at:
We will call her Elle and we are waiting for adoption requests.