What news do we have from Odette?

38638961_2160966320642579_311865168864739328_nYou know Odette since she was only a few months old when she was found in a forest with her brothers and she was very skinny. She is now a big girl and even If she stayed at Animax Vulcan for a month nobody wanted her at first because she was shy.

One Day someone saw something special in her, , a sensible and gentle dog and did not want to let her end up in the shelter where her evolution would not be benefic. She was in foster at one of our volunteers. She started to learn things, to stop doing in the house and everything that includes the expectation an owner has from an animal that is going to live in the apartment. This was not easy, everything was earned by spending a lot of time with her outside (where she is scared of strangers), patience and a lot of love. Without the time dedicated to dog education love and patience you can not have results.

The results are but because the volunteer had also other animals she realized she needs a family that can offer her more time and a better place. Of course a special dog like her needs love and patience. The thought that she deserves more than you can offer her for her growth leaves you sad.

It seems that our prayers ended up in the right place because a miracle happened. Our beauty was liked by Lia and Gabriela who wanted to meet her. They liked each other so they started together a journey that we hoped that would also be a big step for her to not be that scared of strangers. Besides that it is true she played with a few shoes but happily her new family do not care a lot about the material things and care more about the dog. I am glad that people like them adopted a special dog.

At the end of the experience, what remains in the heart of the volunteer? An empty place because she gave everything for Odette but also joy because the dog has a new family that offers her a lot of love. If she is ok we can not ask for more.

This is Odette s story. It is a story full of beautiful and sad things and even if it was not easy and everything is not perfect, we are hoping for better every time. Thank you Lia and Gabriela and we hope to receive more good news from you.