News from Blu

37425869_2123815051024373_1689572432676913152_nOne of our beautiful dogs was adopted in special conditions.
Blu is a happy and loving dog who is unfortunately scared of people.
His owner adopted him even If they knew this and that is what they wrote to us:
We are back with a few photos with our spoiled Blu! Anyone that is coming in our yard is happy to see Blu! And what do you think? He does not like it at all.
He gives life to the yard!

We still keep the distance. I was able once to caress him but only because I surprised him. Besides that we have our happy ritual when I come home from work.

To answer your question, of course his favorite place is in the living room. He does not do anything bad, he only lays on the floor and he is extremely happy that he fooled me again. ( next time I will try to send you some pictures with him in the living room).
I am thinking everyday about you and I am grateful for a wonderful dog life Blu!

We are also thinking of your gratitude and we are hoping we will soon get the news that Blu is not going to be scared anymore.

We are forever grateful.