News from Wella/Tara

37600744_2125703360835542_1405866229045919744_nThree years passed since a dog that we saved named Wella was adopted in Timisoara.
Look what her owners are writing to us:

Greetings from Timisoara. We thought to make you happy with a few pictures with Tara, our cutie saved by you and adopted by us. Three years passed since she is in our care and she is ok, happy and wonderful. She sleeps a lot, bark a lot and she is bossy with everyone. She loves to go on walks (especially when people stop to give her attention) and with Ronnie, our cat they give us joy in every moment and make us wonder how we lived before they were a part of our life?

For us, Tara is perfect. Even If she is still a little bit scared and has things that will never disappear we learned together to create the ideal place for her, in which she can feel happy and especially safe.
When we are going on trips, on holidays, she is coming with us, here is a picture from Austria, gladly we can take her with us almost everywhere.

In one of the photos she also sends you a smile. Special for the ones that saved her.
We send you all of our love and we wish you health and power to save these beautiful animals.
You made us very happy.
Thank you for the news and we are waiting to get more news because that is what makes us continue.