Three beautiful girls. small sized -for adoption

cateluseleThis mommy and her 2 baby girls were abandoned. The mother was chased by the dogcatchers but managed to escape by taking a refuge in the yard she was banished from. Someone who knew their story contacted us and asked for help so they ended up in our care. The three girls are now at City Vet clinic. The mother was spayed and the two puppies received their first vaccine. 
They are all healthy, sociable, loving and in search of a forever home.
If you would like to adopt one of the girls please contact us:
You can support them by donating:

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Joy in the park

Joy is getting better. One of our volunteer took him home because he could no longer stay at the vet. Because he grow a lot during this period (from 3 kg now to 10 kg), living in a cage did not help his recovery. 

More, we have changed also the carrier, so now Joy can easily move around witch makes him very happy.

Sara from one shelter in another one – for adoption

saraSara was found and captured by dogcatchers from Targoviste and taken to the local shelter where she was destined to be killed if no one adopted her. Luckily, someone saw her, liked her and, even though she couldn’t take her home, she asked for help. Through a joined effort, Sara was taken out of the shelter and brought to Bucharest in our care. Thank you Andreea C and Simona R for making Sara’s rescue possible. Sara wasn’t thrilled of ending up in another shelter but we could find no other solution.
Sara is a calm, gentle dog who, most certainly, had a rough life before being taken to the shelter.
If you wish to adopt her (even virtually), please contact us: