Speedy for adoption or euthanasia

Speedy is 3 months and a half old, has 10 kilos, he is deaf by birth and he cannot control his head position (it shakes a bit) and he needs URGENTLY adoption or at least foster care.
The puppy is healthy with the exceptions mentioned, he eats well, he is taught to make his needs in a certain place, he plays with the 4 kittens he lives with, with one of them he really bonded, better to say the cat adopted him, takes care of him, washes him and plays with him. Continue reading

Lost in the center of Bucharest

Milly, the dog picked from the wheels of the trucks a week ago was lost … or rather was abandoned by the person who offered to take her in foster!

Because we couldn’t arrived at 10 am (but at 13) to get it from the lady who offered to take her  in foster for 3 weeks, this person  threw her on the street and refuse to answer us at phone or at the door. We don’t know what she did with the dog, where she left her, so we ask your help to find her! Continue reading

Pray for Kay’s life

UPDATE: A few hours after being hospitalized.
The little dog has received the necessary medical care due to is condition. It’s serious hit to the head, it tosses and turns his head in all directions. The vets do not give him too many chances. We’ll see if he will survive. Till then we keep our fingers crossed and wish with all our heart that his condition will stabilize. Continue reading

Milly, Rufus and Charlotte

The three wild dogs recovered from near the wheels of the trucks speeding on the ring road still need your help. The bold attempt to take all three in temporary accommodation failed, because the person who offered cannot handle them. She will keep for socialization only one puppy, as the other two will be taken tomorrow back to shelter.

Returned to the shelter, socialization will be virtually impossible condemning them to a life not so pleasant. Continue reading

They are 4 left and need help

They were small, they were 5 but recently a black sister was hit by a car. Now remained three boys and a brown girl. Their shelter is near a road where many drivers press the throttle too much and the little ones, who are only two months, are certain victims.
They’re sociable puppies who are staying on the middle of the street just because they the people in the area wanting for a little affection. They are too small to stay in a shelter, and too young to know how to beware. Continue reading

We need foster

Milly, Rufus and Charlotte are three little dogs picked on Saturday, 02/09/2013, from wheels crossing the road.
For the moment they are staying in a small, metallic transport cage at the shelter (where there is no light or heat). They are so scared that when you try to pet them, they descend immediately and start to cry.
There is not enough place to move and the darkness they are living it for 90% of the day really marks their behavior. Continue reading

We are looking for FOSTER for a scared puppy.

This little one I picked it up from the middle of the ring road. She was ready to be bruised by a truck and she stood in the middle of the road, frozen by panic. She has two months old, she is all black and very, very scared. She was dewormed and she received a name: Milly.

Will you help us find temporary accommodation for her? It’s her only chance to a normal life.