Pray for Kay’s life

UPDATE: A few hours after being hospitalized.
The little dog has received the necessary medical care due to is condition. It’s serious hit to the head, it tosses and turns his head in all directions. The vets do not give him too many chances. We’ll see if he will survive. Till then we keep our fingers crossed and wish with all our heart that his condition will stabilize.

Is it really that hard to be human? This puppy, a little bit bigger than a cat, was injured. Surely someone saw what happened but did nothing for him; they just left him in a corner, near the garbage, thinking that is not his job to get involved. Dozens of people passed him by, saw him in agony, but turned their heads and kept walking. Our volunteer Alina stopped and gave the alarm. We do not know if now it’s too late for the dog, or if he would have had bigger chances to survive if he would have been taken to the vet after impact, instead of leaving him in cold rain. The poor little dog is now on his way to the vet. He’s in shock, do not coordinate movements, has an eye out of the orbit, most likely hypothermic, so it needs your good thoughts, to survive.
Pray for his life and please keep your finger crossed.
We will let you know his situation as soon as possible