What are they guilty of?

cei-6-abandonatiSix beautiful scared innocent souls have been abandoned by a heartless person. We might call them lucky because someone found them and fostered them for two days.

Most puppies don’t have that chance and their lives are at stake at any moment, but this isn’t the kind of problem to deal with if it’s so much easier to just throw them away like garbage. Continue reading

URGENT! Foster needed for a cat with 5 kittens

The mother cat and her five kittens were found in a box in the middle of a street. They were sheltered first in the yard of a block of flats, then in a toilet room, but, obviously, they cannot stay there for long. The mother is very friendly and grateful, and her eyes look like a deer’s. She started to purr the moment she was caressed, it was, no doubt, her way of showing gratitude to the lady who saved her family and took care of it. Continue reading

Sigur ca e vina ei! A cautat-o cu lumanarea!

La ce se poate astepta un veterinar cand cineva intra cu o punga de plastic in cabinet
Probabil nu la “uite, mi-a cazut pisica de la etaj, cred ca are piciorul rupt si as vrea s-o eutanasiem”. 
Radiografie? Operatie? Nici vorba! 
Nu dau eu banii pe asa ceva! (spuse doamna cu parul facut permanent). Si da, e vina pisicutei. Pai ce a cautat sa sara pe geam? Ce, eu nu pot sa stau toata ziua cu geamurile inchise! Acum, asta e, eu nu dau banii pe operatii si alte alea, dar tare mila mi-e de ea s-o vad asa, saracuta, ca tare o mai iubesc, un an de zile am ingrijit-o! …. A, si eutanasia costa? Continue reading

Bubu are nevoie de cazare temporara

Bubu a fost externat si pentru ca nu am gasit o alta solutie el e acum e in drum spre adapost . Mai mult ca sigur in conditiile din adapost bandajul nu va rezista ( am mai trecut printr-o astfel de experienta) asa ca va solicitam ajutorul constand in cazare temporara pe o perioada de o luna. Daca il puteti ajuta va rugam sa ne contactati la : asociatia.robi@gmail.com

The paralyzed little one and thanks to Oana P

Mika was abandoned in a box near a group of other puppies that were looked after by a lady with a golden soul. Because Mika cannot use her back legs she was hospitalized, checked and treated. Her luck is that her spine is not broken and the vets give her chances to recover. She needs lots of attention and care while she recovers, exercises too. Mika is in foster care until 28th of aprile 2013 and for this we really thank Oana P. who offered to help her.

Starting with that date we shall need again foster care for her. If you can help her at least with foster care please contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com

Abby needs foster or adoption

The little one from the image has only 3 months and urgently needs temporary accommodation until adoption. Tomorrow morning she will be taken to a veterinary clinic and until the late evening she needs a temporary master until she will be adopted. The little one is a bit fearful, but being small will quickly get used to the idea that people are also good, not just bad, so she will quickly give up fear.
  If you can host her temporary, please contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com

Urgent! A female cat and 5 kittens need foster

The mother cat had a good life for a month. A month ago someone found her on the street, took pity on  her and sheltered her in their house. Yesterday the cat gave birth to five kittens and the persons who had sheltered her until now cannot keep her anymore. They asked for our help but unfortunately we don’t have a place where she could raise her little family in peace.
If you can help the poor mother and her innocent kittens, please contact us as soon as possible at: asociatia.robi@gmail.com. Continue reading

Betty will get back on the streets

Betty, the beautiful female you may see in these pictures was found on a field and taken to a clinic to be neutered. After the surgery in case that no one offers to adopt the little one she will end up in the place she was found.
We hope that someone will like her and adopt her. If you wish to save her adopting please contact us at: asociatia.robi@gmail.com

News in the special case

Today we took in our care 5 kittens from the ones without their owner. All were neutered and one of the two black cats was adopted. She was really lucky because she had pyometra so practically if the surgery hadn’t occurred she would have died. It would have been a pity because she is a young cat. She was lucky and today adopted.
Back in the apartment are now left a really unlucky tomcat that had 2 lady owners and both died and the white female pup that in 8 years never got out from the apartment for walks. Continue reading

Africa needs help

Africa is an A Grade female dog, she is a good dog, loving, smart but not very lucky. She is very skinny, she was ill and like this wasn’t enough she was attacked by other dogs and because of this her fur around her tail lacks. Now she is in the shelter, but it is not a good place for her to stay, due to her condition, to the cold at night and because she needs to eat several times per day not just once like in the shelter. We have no place for her at heath so we ask for your help.
If you can foster her until she recovers or wish to adopt her please don’t hesitate and contact us at asociatia.robi@gmail.com