What are they guilty of?

cei-6-abandonatiSix beautiful scared innocent souls have been abandoned by a heartless person. We might call them lucky because someone found them and fostered them for two days.

Most puppies don’t have that chance and their lives are at stake at any moment, but this isn’t the kind of problem to deal with if it’s so much easier to just throw them away like garbage.

Authorities have finally started to take measures for controlling the dog population, which is not the case for the feline population. Therefore, every mindless careless feline owner will still allow his cat to breed then throw the puppies away with no consequence whatsoever.

So these six pups are in need of a home, foster or permanent. They seem to be in good shape,  except the auricular scab which isn’t contagious but needs treatment. If you could help, foster or adopt at least one of these poor souls please let us know asap and send us an e-mail at asociatia.robi@gmail.com