Their life is in your hands!

The sad truth is the fact that the life of this two day old kittens is in your hands. They were found by Ioana V who also have a lot of animals in her house to take care of and she simply doesn’t have enough time for these little ones. We also have our houses full of animals and we can’t take others anymore. So their only chance is you, our friends, always ready to give us a hand in the many cases we couldn’t solve ourselves.

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Abandoned near a tree

The beautiful male dog, half breed Labrador, was abandoned, bound on a tree in front of a coffee bar, in Bucharest (in Alba Iulia Square, on the Burebista Boulevard). What kind of soul can have this awful man, how can he leave and let this dog in that place, confused and frightened, we can’t understand.

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Bears need your help!!!

Mircea Serbanoiu has a strategy concerning the future of bears that for barbarian and incompetence reasons are in danger to be shot. Here is his message. Please contact him at if you are decided to give bears a chance to live.

“Can we get together, a few hundred animal lovers, in front of the Environment Ministry? This is a emergency situation for rescuing bears. They started to attack because of lack of food. The only solution: their relocation.


Please share to all your friends. I want to receive confirmation for Saturday from as many animal lovers, from all over the country.

Today FPAM presented to Rovana Plumb the alternative of saving bears that are chased by hundred hunters, meaning to send them to CRISTINA’S LAPIS natural reserve. Roxana Plumb refuses any alternative than shooting them. Let’s take action!!’

A small puppy needs URGENTLY a foster

Small, alone, abandoned in front of a supermarket, this tiny girl of only 3-4 months is in great risk to end up in front of the speeding cars that pass only a few meters from the pen with old rags and cardboards where she was abandoned, and from where she can easily get out of. A homeless woman feeds her from time to time. The little girl wags her tail every time somebody looks at her, but the rain makes her run back in her cardboard box.

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Their luck is named Carol

If you ask yourself why we are keeping secret the location of our shelter, our social address and some of our mobile phones that we should make public, here is the answer. Many people ask us where do we have our shelter just to know where to abandon their pets. If we would always answer the phone, we would not do anything else, but due to internet and people talking about us, trouble always appears.  Continue reading

Bubu needs urgently a foster

Very urgent! Bubu can stay in foster until thrsday 6th of September! It is impossible for us to move it between Robi’s volunteers because we don’t have ANY space.

We kindly ask you to help us with foster for a while. If you would adopt her, you would do her the biggest happiness possible. She is a really sweet and good cat.

 Contact: or  0745.740.321