Thrown among the graves. Urgent!

The puppies in this album have been recently discovered in the cemetery where dogs disappear.
We URGENTLY need temporary accommodation for them, as our shelter is currently over-crowded. There are 8 puppies from 2 mothers, weak and sad. There are a few kind people that bring them food, but that is not enough.
How did they escape the abandon in the field? The administrator has not yet seen them, being on vacation. Continue reading

Degetica for adoption/foster

Degetica has grown and now needs a home. Below you can read her description written by the person who is temporarily sheltering her:

– she is intelligent (for this reason it would be a catastrophe for her to remain behind bars) and has a posh daily routine. She realized that the bed and the armchairs are desirable objects and their acquisition appears high on her “to do list”.

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Snow is urgently looking for an owner!

Snow is a very beautiful, but unlucky girl.

After she was abandoned at one month of age, we took her in our care and, as she was a pretty puffy little white puppy, she was adopted almost immediately.

Unfortunately our joy was short lived, as three months after her owner decided he was too lazy to take her for walks two times a day. So she was returned to us.

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