Pithi still has health problems

PithiPithi was found with an injured leg, at the end of january. The infection took a long time to heal and, unfortunately, we can’t say that her troubles are over yet.
The good news is that someone is eagerly waiting for her thousands of km away. She can’t leave yet untill she is fully recovered.
Pray for the little one because she really needs, beside her treatment, a miracle to get to the loving home that awaits her.

Special case. Paralyzed cat in need of help

pisica paralizaraWe often heard that stray cats have their way of getting around and the fact that they are living on the streets presents no danger to them. In our experience, this theory has been, obviously proved wrong countless times.

This cat was found Sunday evening lying on the sidewalk, surrounded by dogs. She cannot move her back legs and crawls in order to move. She is covered in bite marks all over her face and back. Most probably the victim of a car accident or a hateful blow, she would have had no chance of surviving on the streets.
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Special case. Waldo still needs support

WaldoWaldo was found by a lady who asked for our help and at that time he was very close to die.We do not know if he got hit by a car or he was beaten. He has a broken leg, his ears are injured and many scars on his face from getting in fights with other tomcats. We do not know for how long he was left on the side of the road until someone stopped and helped him. Then we found out that Waldo had an owner who had too many cats. The owner passed away and all the cats were throuwn on the streets. We have no information about the other cats. Waldo was taken by Robi’s Association for Animal Protection and he was hospitalized at City Vet clinic, where he was operated and castrated. After surgery, Waldo is feeling better and he ajusted so well to the new situation although he has to live in a tiny place. He is a good tomcat, sweet and in need of afection. Continue reading

Frida – a new story with and about dogs

fridaWe met Frida today, even though we’ve heard about her for quite a while.
Living in a industrial yard, Frida was once the people’s that work there favorite among the dogs but two years ago she got demodex. A skin disease that usually appears as a result of low immunity and poor quality food but can be treated easily in the first stages.

She was not treated so her condition got worse. today we decided to take her in our care. We were expecting to have a hard catching her as she didn’t know us. But she was extremely docile and calm. On the ride to the vet she was patient and calm, and very cooperative at the clinic. She even began wagging her tail! Continue reading

Special case. Lizette, dog with broken femur

lizzetteThe little female dog was hit by a careless and indifferent driver. After he hit her, he just continued driving. Luckily for her, there are still big hearted people out there and they asked for our help.
Lizette was hospitalized at Bercaru’s clinic and had a surgery. Untill monday, she will remain hospitalized but after that, she will need foster care or to be adopted. Lizette is small size and seems to be one year old. Continue reading

Special case. Dog with broken pelvis.

catelusa pelvisLast week was a really bad one for the dog we are presenting in this album. She was the victim of an accident and, as a result, her pelvis was shattered. She has a co-femoral dislocation, disjunction and sacroiliac fracture ilium, ischium and pubius.
The female dog was hospitalized and had a surgery at dr Bercaru’s clinic. The surgery was extremely difficult and the doctors are reserved about her recovery and being able to walk again. We hope things will go well and she will be fully recovered. Continue reading

News in Labus’ case

labus 4Labus was taken in foster care by a wonderful family whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts. As expected, Labus gets along great with the family dog and is very well behaved, walks on a leash and is gentle and calm indoors.

Unfortunately, after the antibiotics treatment, Labus must undergo a surgery to remove the metal plate in his leg. One of the screws is pressing on the intestine (also causing constipation) and maintains the leg infection.

Send him your kind thoughts.
We will keep you updated on his condition.