Vanessa, a puppy hit in the head and abandoned

vanessaBesides the special cases in which we are involved, some people pass us the responsabilty of a soul deliberately, by abandoning him next to our shelter. 
The same thing also happened with this puppy, of only 2.5-3 months old, which was found in a very bad state.
Vanessa (that’s how we named her) was found listless and with her head swolen. When we arrived with her at the doctor, it was confirmed that she was hit in the head with a crowbar and thus she made a blood bag in her forehead area. Continue reading

Special case. Tomcat, burned by boiled water (ATTENTION! Graphic images)

motan fiertToday, on our way to the shelter, in front of a yard at the end of the village, we saw a tomcat with something hanging on his back. We stopped to take a better look,like we always do and we had a shock: He had a torn up piece of skin the size of a hand hanging on his back. The skin was hard and dry, meaning the wound was old and underneath..raw flesh. Some signs of medical attention were there, like an old blue spray. Continue reading

Roux needs your support.

rouxRoux was found on a field along with her sister. She was brought to the shelter whee, after a few days, began to feel sick. She was rushed immediately to City Vet where she was diagnosed and began treatment for parvovirosis.
Her condition is critical and even though she receives treatment for a couple of days, thee is no improvement. 

Roux needs financial support and if you wish to help her, you can donate Continue reading

Special case. Issa needs help

issaAt just two months old, Issa had to learn a lesson of the hard life on the streets. She had an accident and her leg is now broken.
Issa was taken in our care, hospitalized at dr Bercaru’s clinic and will have the surgery soon. Because she has an infection in her system, she needs to be treated for it first. Her temperature was over 40 degrees and the doctors suspected her of distemper. Issa turns out to be quite lucky and her condition is better now so she cand be operated. Continue reading