catalinaCatalina, our good friend and volunteer, a person who, for her entire life, has helped people and saved animals, now needs our help!
She underwent lung surgery on July 22 and seemed to be slowly recovering when her condition suddenly worsened. On Aug 18 she had to be hospitalized again, and this time the doctors discovered two tumors in her brain. The first tumor was removed on Aug 28. When her physical condition allows it, she will have a second surgery to remove the remaining tumor, and she will need permanent assistance until her health condition improves. Continue reading

Rony needs your help

ronyDo you remember my case? Click here and you’ll remember for sure.
Now, my name is Rony and as you can see, although fate was not too good to me, I’m always smiling even if I have a rod in my leg and a big bandage that is inconfortable for me, when I walk.
That’s me, a good and gentle dog, which still has faith in humans, even if they dissapointed me in a lot of situations.
I’m sure you noticed the fact that I’m not only patient and loving, but I’m also very pretty. Now that I made this beautiful description of myself, maybe I’ll manage to „break” someone’s heart, who wants to take me home for the rest of my life. What do you say, I deserve this?
If you like me, please send an email at:

Greaty escaped euthanasia

greatyFor Greaty it looks like a new life began. Her case impressed a lot of people which we wish all the best, people which wanted to see her saved and their wish came true.
Greaty escaped euthanasia and it looks like her future will be a pink one. For the time being the little one is accommodated at one of Robi’s volunteers and tomorrow she’ll arrive at another volunteer.
And so, with the help of our volunteers and of course, with your help, the little one will be able to enjoy a better life somewhere in Holland thanks to Ina, which we thank from the bottom of our hearts.
Thank you for your support. We will bring you fresh news soon.

We bring you fresh news about Woe

vaiWoe is a small sized , male, adult dog which was abandoned on a highway. The little one is very scared and it was impossible for us to capture him, until he got in a big trouble. He was probably hit by a car and he couldn’t use his hindquarters.

If immediately after the impact Woe didn’t let us touch him, in time he began to understand the fact that he wasn’t on bad hands and therefore, his reactions aren’t the ones of a „warrior”. This would be the good news. The bad news is that Woe can’t use his posterior paws and now he has to crawl. Continue reading

GREATY – one step before EUTHANASIA.

greatyGreaty is the female dog from Ciocanesti locality, which after bringing to the world 5 puppies, had the misfortune to be badly injured and unfortunately her behind legs will remain paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Please click here in order to read her story

Greaty is an extremely good, docile and easy to deal with female dog. She is currently hospitalized at Dr. Bercaru Vet Clinic where she remains until Friday. Greaty has an wheelchair and she is able to move without hurting herself. Unfortunately she did not receive one single adoption request. On Friday – August 15, Greaty, which in the meantime received the new name Matilda, will be taken out from the clinic. If during this period, nobody will offer to foster her, unfortunately we will have to put her to sleep. Continue reading

Aly, recently abandoned/lost, needs a family

catel ochiToday, this adult, small size dog, either escaped from chain, either abandoned, was running confused in the middle of the street.
A Robi volunteer saw him and decided to take him. And that’s how the little one arrived in our care. The dog had thousands of ticks, lices and fleas and he also had a problem at one of his eyes. Also today he went to CityVet where he got rid of all the parasites, he had his eye operated and he was neutered.
The beautiful and happy dog, which we’ll name Aly, needs to be adopted and funded until he’ll be adopted. Continue reading

Greaty between life/adoption and euthanasia as final solution

greatyGreaty is the female dog from Ciocanesti locality which gave birth to 5 puppies and unfortunately as a result of an accident she remained paralyzed.

Greaty and her puppies were taken in our care and she has been hospitalized at the Dr. Brercaru Vet Clinic where her spine has been recently operated. Unfortunately, she will remain paralyzed for the rest of her life. Greaty has been hospitalized for some time and she can not stay forever there. Greaty needs to be adopted urgently otherwise she risks being put to sleep. We already have two dogs in her situation and we are not able to take care for one more; Continue reading