I need special attention and a lot of love

greatyGreaty wants to be in a family! What are the chances of a paralyzed female dog from Romania to be adopted in a loving family?
Do you recognize Greaty, the paralyzed dog saved from Ciocanesti?
You can read her story here
In spite of her condition she is an active, cheerful dog with an amazing desire to live. Since 2 months ago she is being sheltered in the home of one of Robi’s volunteers and in this time she let us to discover her gentile, loving character that she kept despite the horrible situation she has been through. Continue reading

Mishulica, the tomcat with two broken paws

mishulicaMishulica is a tomcat from Ramnicu Valcea, which had the misfortune to be injured at two paws from the same side.
He was hospitalized at Dr. Bercaru Veterinary Clinic, his front paw was operated and the paw from the back was amputated.
The bad news is that the bone from the front paw is almost dry and infected, which means that the healing chances are almost zero and Mishulica risks to remain with only two paws, which will be tragic, considering the fact that they’re both on the same side.
Mishulica needs your good thoughts, because only a MIRACLE can save his leg.
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