Wisty needs help

wistyWisty is an old tom cat found in a very bad condition by two golden heart people who spent their holiday somewhere in Romania. They decided not to leave him lying there to die so they brought Wisty to Bucharest and did all they could to get medical help for him: http://on.fb.me/SfT95O
Finally, the cat was taken over by Robi and hospitalized at dr. Bercaru’s Veterinarian Clinic. His wound is really severe, one can see his skull, so he needs permanent medical care.  Continue reading

Gyn needs help

gynGyn is a little young cat, has just few months old, who was probably abandoned. Faith hasn’t been to god to him, he had an accident and because of that, he will be left without one paw. One of his paws was crushed and its reconstruction would be impossible and also useless (Gyn isn’t feeling his paw anymore). So, the kitten will be left with just tree paws because the broken one must be amputated. 
Gyn was hospitalized at dr. Bercaru’s Veterinarian Clinic and already gets medical care. When brought in, his condition was very bad and had a very high temperature – 40 degrees. Continue reading