The brave little ones from the tram at sleeping hour

 You must remember the 3 fellows abandoned in a tram in our capital.
The little ones say hi and expect you to take them home. They are good, active and now they learn how to play. They ate, walked a little, moved and turned around and now they rest to grow big and handsome.
Until they will grow enough they need good quality food, vitamins, calcium, anti-parasitic pills, vaccine shots and for all this we need help. Continue reading

The big white in death danger

Yesterday someone thought to surprise us and abandoned a beautiful dog at our shelter but very apathetic. He was hospitalized and the first analysis show that he suffers of a severe form of babesia (the illness caused by ticks). He immediately had shots with the antidote but his condition is still bad so he had blood transfusions too. We really hope he will survive.

For now he needs your good thoughts and financial support. Continue reading

The little guy hospitalized yesterday

Yesterday the 15th of March 2013 we received a message for help for a puppy that seemed to be dying. When the ones who asked for help got at the clinic the puppy seemed to be dead already. Fortunately, for him was hope, because he survived.
For sure your good thoughts helped him to survive. We will see how he’ll be in the next days. The conclusion of Aurora Sasu, the vet, was that the small one didn’t have a good life. For sure the children played with him until exhaustion and probably he fell from their arms and this caused him the crises that almost killed him. Continue reading

Pray for Kay’s life

UPDATE: A few hours after being hospitalized.
The little dog has received the necessary medical care due to is condition. It’s serious hit to the head, it tosses and turns his head in all directions. The vets do not give him too many chances. We’ll see if he will survive. Till then we keep our fingers crossed and wish with all our heart that his condition will stabilize. Continue reading

Sandy is ready for the Netherlands

Sandy, who is currently in her second temporary accommodation, is ready to go, but can not reach her final home in Netherlands without your help
Sandy is paralyzed, and with all our heart we want to make her a short and easy journey to take. To do this, we would like to send her with a plane to Amsterdam, and not with a road vehicle that would make more than 30 hours. The cost with the airplane, 730 euros (transport + cage, discount already applied) is very high for us. Please help us, donate to Sandy’s airplane tickets:

The little guy was operated and needs a home

He is feeling well, he eats well even if he has pain at his dislocated jaw. He is hard to work with because he is scared and wants to bite if you if you get too close to him. We hope that when he will pass the ordeal of injections he will change his behavior. He will probably end up in the shelter if nobody will have mercy and adopt him or foster him until he will cure.
If you want to help him please contact us at: