Redirect 2%

Redirect 2% of income tax 

The tax system allows 2% of the individual taxpayers to direct without any extra cost, 2% of their income tax due to the state, to an NGO.

It is a system where citizens are able to directly decide what happens to their taxes.

The procedure is simple:

The 230 form is completed by hand, in duplicate, with your data and the data of the organization which will receive the money. One copy is submitted directly to the Public Finance (financial administration you belong) or at the post office, by letter, until May 15, 2013.

Attention! You must not complete the amount to be transferred. It is automatically calculated as 2% of the tax due to the state.

To direct 2% of your taxes for Robi Association, fill in:

Fiscal Identification Code (CIF) 13765439

IBAN code RO16RNCB0073049952070001

Mega needs help

MegaMega is one of our dogs, a previous special case. Despite the fact that he is a beautiful, big dog, no one wanted him so he is still at the shelter. I couldn’t figure out how he cut / scratched so bad ( we searched the entire inclosure and besides a piece of metal from the doghouse’s roof, which we repaired, we found nothing) and we were shocked to see the horrible wound. We took him immediately to City Vet where he received medical care. 
Mega needs financial support and you can help Continue reading