warGender: Male
Date of birth: 2014
Neutered: YES

War is a tomcat with a pretty weird story. Not long ago he belonged to a family that broke up. His owners moved on with their lives and left the cat behind, so he remained all alone and was fed by the neighbors. At least that’s how his rescue story sounds. We were told that he was only skin and bone but when he was brought to the clinic, he seemed well fed and was even neutered.
He is lovey dovey, big as a puppy, but also knows how to say no (he bites gently). He does not like being moved from one place to another, so we are looking for a permanent home for him. A place to feel the love of a family, but at the same time quiet.
If you want to give a better life to this young and big tomcat, waste no time and send an e-mail to asociatia.robi@gmail.com

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