73300949_3182413591831175_4847584498704973824_oGender: Female
Date of birth:
Neutered: YES

My name is Prissy, I am a young adult cat, I was found in a field and taken to a veterinary clinic to be neutered, dewormed and vaccinated.
I do not remember how I got to that field but I know for sure that I did not miss the opportunity to make myself noticed so I waved my body and fawned to the best of my ability and now here I am in Robi’s care.
I thank them for bringing me to their shelter, but I found out that I am here temporarily and they are hoping to find me a family that can give me the life I dream of. Some say I am cute, but others say I am a bit ugly.
What do you think, am I beautiful enough to get the family I dream of?
I hope someone will send an application for my adoption to: :
I am really hopeful so please keep your fingers crossed because that’s what I dream at the moment: to know my FAMILY.

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