cezarGender: Male
Date of birth: 2016
Neutered: YES

Cezar was found crawling near a large street in Bucharest. He had a broken pelvis and since we collected him, no one has come looking for him or requesting updates on him. That’s what he looked like when we found him

Cezar is mellow, sociable and calm. He loves people and other cats, he tries to soothe them and yet he is very playful.
He may have had a family, but now we have to get him a new one.
Now he no longer has any trouble walking, the only lasting damage is incontinence. This is mainly about faeces, because he can control urine better (except when he has a full bladder and is in a position that puts pressure on it, then the urine leaks out).
We know that he has an ideal temperament and that he just needs understanding as far as his incontinence is concerned. Since urine is controllable for the most part, we hope that someone can give him a chance because he has a lot of love to give in exchange.
You can find Caesar at asociatia.robi@gmail.com

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cezar 2