Three houses for three doggies

Dear Robi’s friends, we, Dasha, Tiny and Dick, need help. We have changed location and here we don’t have dog houses. We sleep in what we find, more precise in a cat transporter and in a cat closet (the cats were merciful with us) and till now it wasn’t so bad. But the chilly nights arrived and last night we were shaking and dreaming that we sleep in warm houses.

I heard mummy say (this is how we call the lady who takes care of us) that she ordered some really nice isolated houses with only 265 lei and please help us pay them! Please donate in the Association Robi account because they look after us to grow healthy and beautiful, especially find us the families we dream at.

Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi (The Association for protecting animals Robi)

CIF 13765439 BCR 2 
Cont RON: BCR 2 RO16RNCB0073049952070001 
Cont EURO: BCR 2 RO05RNCB0073049952070005 
Cont USD: BCR 2 RO32RNCB0073049952070004 

Or through PayPal online service (available on the website)

We promise to announce when the dog houses arrive. A warmly kiss!