Happy ending story from 2008

adoptie_dublaThe story is about a double adoption from 2008. Two of Robi’s dogs, were adopted by the same family, even if they initially came for another dog. The story of their adoption impressed us a lot at that time, and we didn’t forget it and we would really like for you to hear it. This is the letter we received from the adopters:

‘ A cold and cloudy winter day, when Molda, a gorgeous, loving, devoted and priceless German Shepard, was kneed by the weight of his 14 years and died… A member of the family left us.. and all we have left is a big empty yard and a big hole in our hearts..
Because no breed dog can be like her, we decided to take a dog from the shelter, to bring some happiness in his soul and our as well. 
So we took Masha – black, curly, 10 moths old and.. surprise! – smart, joyful and very friendly! We started to get used with her and joy came back in our yard. In a few days we had the perfect relation. Only 1 picture followed us and took the happiness away- of an 3 years dog, skinny, sad, solitary, that was abandoned twice and looked at us from the shelter with some eyes where there was no hope. So, we brought Rita home as well, that for about 2 weeks didn’t even bark, so that she doesn’t upset us.
two months passed and the 2 ‘girls’ are best friends, they run, play and even make a little damage, and what is the most important thing, they learned to laugh. Rita’s depression, the abandoned dog that nobody wanted because she was an adult and too big, got lost far away. Now we are left with trust, peaceful and devotement of a soul that now has a family of his own that can always count on.
Masha and Rita gave us the most beautiful lesson: there is no need for a certain breed or you don’t have to adopt a puppy in order to have a great relation with your dog. All you need is trust and love, which if you offer you receive back a hundred times more.
Today the sun and life smile at us, it is joy, motion, play and.. be careful in case you want to enter, because the 2 ‘beasts’ (that used to be unhappy, humble and nobody’s dogs) defend the house with all their soul (even the 2 cats we have for a long time and with whom got along in a few days). We now have a big family with two grown up adults, joyful and funny in general, but serious and responsible when time comes, that we love so much and wouldn’t keep them away from us, not even a second.

Leila and Minola’