Beauty needs help

frumusicaAbout five months ago we got a help request regarding the adoption of a cat that we named Beauty. When we first saw how beautiful it was we were sure it will be adopted quickly but it did not happen like that.

This little one with blue eyes is very scared and its first contact with the new location was a disaster. After it was released from the carrier, it jumped on the walls with the purpose of escaping, of staying away from humans. It hidden itself under the shower and we managed to take it only after we removed the shower. Of course, it was urinating and defecating everywhere except the cat litter. We tried many ways to make it get used with our presence but we failed. One day the cat managed to run and we thought we will never see it again. After a couple of days we saw it again and we gave it good food. It was starved and it appreciated the food from us. In no time we managed to calm it down and we took it back into the house. After about three weeks it started acting like a normal cat because it is not hiding anymore and we could touch it and this made it happy. Yet, something unusual happened. Beauty became very picky about food and we decided to take it to a consultation. We discovered that one of her canines felt and it was bleeding. The veterinarians suspect a tumor but for a moment the treatment is working. If this is not working they will have to do a biopsy (and with this there is a 50/50 chance because it can make it days shorter). We hope it will get well and we are asking you to pray for it.

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Thank you once more for the help you are offering to the animals we are taking care of.