Bela needs foster or adoption

Bella has only 500 grams, minor ear mites and an eye problem. She had dozens of fleas which she got rid of such as she got rid of internal parasites. Today she has been at the vet and there were good news, her tiny eye and ear problems will be fixed soon.

She was found in the middle of a truck circulated road. She was stoned (because she was scared) in the middle of the road and all drivers were avoiding her. Mihnea stopped and tried to push her easily from the middle. The little one didn’t move so he took her in his arms, after that he couldn’t put her down anymore. And here she is now, in Bucharest, willing to find her good master at whom she dreams at.

She needs temporary shelter or even adoption. The treatment may be applied at home as well, so she does not require to go at the vet.

If you like Bella and want to adopt her, or give temporary shelter for her until adoption please contact us at