ADOPet= Saturday in Robi Family

Because we didn’t have time to promote today’s action, which had as a goal to present some of our proteges within the ADOPet event and also a food drive for the animals in our care, the result wasn’t the one we could have hoped for. None of our little ones has found a family, and the donations were not much at all, which is a reason to thank even more those visitors who brought goodies to our little animals.

But otherwise we can say it was a WONDERFUL day for us and for the animals present today in Obor. We all felt great and we enjoyed the visits of some of the doggies we had taken care of and are now adopted. Many foster carers also came to visit, and some children, older or newer volunteers, we enjoyed seeing them all very much.

The doggies were shy in the beginning, but then we let them free to run and jump around until they were tired, and the kitty cats met the trees, it was the best part of the day for them.

We were happy to see Tora, one of our recent special cases (the puppy with burnt paws – we’re convinced that the ones who follow our activity will recognize her in the photos, and of course they will also recognize Uma, a female doggy we found in the Kaufland parking area, who was adopted and now has a wonderful life). 

Some other doggies came to see us, their presence meant a lot to us.

From now on, we’ll organize this kind of weekend events all the time, and, as we always need a helping hand, please contact us at asocatia.robi@gmail if you have the time and desire to volunteer for these events.