To see a dog lying down near a veterinarian clinic is an ordinary thing in Romania. Many of the vet doctors ask you, in case you take a stray to them, if you can pay for him or her. In case that dog has a serious problem and you can’t afford to pay, doctors don’t pay any attention to him (we’re talking especially about big fancy clinics), so the animal may die without having been looked at once.
Today, a dog hit in a car accident has been lying and howling in pain all day long, near Ilioara clinic. His spine is probably broken. A young lady saw him and she dared to ask the doctors at Ilioara if they know about the dog and especially if they can help him in any way.
The doctors at Ilioara excused themselves and told her they aren’t able to do anything if nobody pays for the treatment.

Shocked at hearing such a thing, the young lady asked for our help and, because we found it impossible to say NO, we told her we would take the dog in our care. When she got back to the dog, the doctors at Ilioara had already anesthetized him in order to euthanize him and they were astonished that someone was willing to give him a chance.
His spine may be broken and he may never be able to stand on his posterior legs, so it may be necessary for him to be euthanized, but we decided to give him a chance to life before we are certain euthanasia is needed.
First the dog will be examined and then, depending on the diagnostic, we’ll make the proper decision.
He is certainly not going to be euthanized IF he gets a chance to be saved and adopted, no matter what his condition is.
Now the doggy is hospitalized at a clinic and is being taken care of by dr Bercaru’s team, which we thank from the bottom of our hearts for the unconditional help they always give to animals in danger of dying.
We’ll be back with updates about Ily – that’s the name we’ve given the doggy – tomorrow afternoon.