A difficult case. Spartacus needs help.

spartacusOn a Saturday night, a dog was gravely injured. Someone asked for help and a handful of young people came to rescue.
Helping a dog in his condition is anything but easy ( broken pelvis and tow broken legs).
It requires transportation to a non stop vet clinic (Saturday night, remember?) and, of course, expenses for treatment and recovery if possible.
As we mentioned, those young people decided to help him and Spartacus’ rescue could have never been possible without them. It only took several hours and desperate efforts.
From now on, we take responsibility for him as we decided to take him in our care. The not very sociable Spartacus is at Clinica Armeneasca vet and except for the 100 ron his rescuers left, we still have to pay:
-150 ron for x rays
-420 ron hospitalization untill 06.11.2013
-700 ron for surgery
and then, Spartacus will need treatment and a risk-free foster.
For these reasons, we ask for your help. If youwish to help him, as well as other dogs in his situation, please donate:
Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi
CIF 13765439 BCR 2 
Cont RON: BCR 2 RO16RNCB0073049952070001 
Cont EURO: BCR 2 RO05RNCB0073049952070005 
Cont USD: BCR 2 RO32RNCB0073049952070004 
or by PayPal ( available at www.4animals.ro)
Thank you again for helping the animals in our care.