Bick needs a family.

bickSmall sized, young (~6 months) and very handsome, the little puppy needs a home. Life on the streets is not for him. Today he was cornered by some large agresive dogs and was only rescued by a kind lady. Little Bick was taken in our care and will be cleaned and treated.
If you like him and wish to adopt, please contact us:
If you wish to support him financially you can donate 2% of your tax income or donate here:
Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi
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Thank you for all the help given to the animals in our care.

Bick had a bath, lots of cuddles and is getting quite sleepy. He is probably dreaming of being in heaven. Help him and mae his wish come true by adopting him. Share his album. He is a wonderful dog, a little chubby but on the way to get fit