rethGender: Female
Date of birth: September 2014
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

We found Reth in 2014 on a field where there was once a concrete mixer. Reth is a medium-sized, lively, cheerful doggy that is eager to leave the shelter as soon as possible.
However we haven’t been able to find her the right family yet. She was very close to being adopted but rejected the owner (she barked and didn’t let him get close to her) so he felt forced to give up trying. Reth is very laid-back with us, with the volunteers coming to the shelter but she is wary of strangers. She really needs to be socialized and we are looking for someone who’s willing to help in this regard.
Adriana and Bianca will do everything in their power but we believe that professional help is needed or who knows maybe a patient and persevering family that will encourage her to place her trust even in those she meets for the first time.
This is how she behaves with us: Video 1 and Video 2

If you are ready and willing to take up the challenge of winning her heart let us know

Pictures since she was an year old and since now here and here

reth 2