toothGender: Female
Date of birth: February 2014
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

Toothy comes from a family that tricked the system. She was born in Bucharest near the People’s House. Her mom went into stealth mode so the dog catchers couldn’t detect her presence and managed to hide her puppies in a safe place where the furry family was tolerated for a while. When the littles ones started to roam the yard, we stepped in and took them in our care. They are all well and have no health issue except for her who at one point started got a fever, started to salivate excessively and her jaw got slightly swollen. She was treated and is now ready to be adopted.
The doggy is wary of strangers but very affectionate with the people she knows and is also a bit talkative because she is a fighter and a winner and knows how to claim her rights.
Give her a chance and adopt her, you will not regret it (unless you mind excessive barking – although she might not be so vocal once taken out of the shelter).
Toothy does everything in her power to draw attention, we give her a helping hand as we do with all our doggies. The rest is up to you too, so please SHARE and in case you are interested in getting to know her first or maybe even adopting her, let us know.

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