32188186_2005275166211696_8380074870645456896_oGender: Female
Date of birth: 2013
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

Suzi has been in our care ever since she was a puppy meaning for almost three years. She remained at our shelter for 6-7 months and then was adopted somewhere far away from Bucharest. Her life there was a good one but she was kept on a tether some of the time. After a year and a half Suzi returned to us and is now in the shelter. Suzi used to be a very cheerful puppy and always seemed to be smiling but lately Suzi has been getting sadder and seems to have lost hope that she will ever get her own home.
Suzi is a big-sized, neutered, very loving and affectionate doggy. If you want to put her smile back on her face, if you want to see her happy by adopting her please contact us at :

In addition, she walks on a leash like an educated doggy, is sociable and eager for human affection.

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