sucheGender: Female
Date of birth:
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

In most cases when we take moms with puppies, the puppies are adopted while their moms remain at the shelter for the rest of their lives which is very sad.
Suche the mother of the puppies in the ditch lived all her life on the streets where she gave birth to many litters of puppies that she cared for. She ended up in our care with her latest litter of puppies. Suche is an especially smart doggy. She realized right away that her life had changed for the better and she adapted to her new life situation incredibly easily.
We do not know how old she is but we know she did not beneft from any attention in her life and we are amazed at how quickly she adapted to the new situation so we dare to hope that someone will think of adopting her, the puppies’ mommy as soon as possible.
If you want Suche please contact us at:

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suche 2