PufyGender: Male
Date of birth: 2007
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

Pufy is a very nice, loving and smart doggy, but he needs an experienced and patient master. Pufy is first and foremost an alpha male. He was the boss of his pack on the street and nobody really managed to pull thistles from his tail, because he immediately felt that you wanted to do something to him and ran away. We once tried to grab him by the neck to take him to the doctor but we could not hold him for more than 5 seconds, he was like a wounded beast. Despite all this, Pufy also has another, cat-like side. Ever since we can remember, he was crazy about being petted on the head. He would come and rub his head against our hands or even gently touch our feet with his paw to let us know he wants to be petted. Ever since he came to the shelter he has felt somewhat “dominated” by us and he has been demanding even more petting. He wants to always cuddle and he does anything to get your attention to pet him, take him in your arms and kiss him. Neck grabbing is still a big no no (who knows what he went through on the streets) but you can take him in your arms otherwise, passing your hands under his stomach and simply lifting him slowly.

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Contact: asociatia.robi@gmail.com

pufy 2