Pinto2Gender: Male
Date of birth: December 2013
Size: Medium
Health card: YES

Pinto’s story started a few months ago. His mother appeared from nowhere and took shelter near an apartment building where, from time to time, she would get some food. No one thought of neutering her so she gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies near a street which was extremely exposed to dangers.
Since a local resident decided to call the dog catchers to take the small family away, a soulful lady took them in her house. She could not keep all of them and in the street their fate would have been only tragic, so all five of them arrived in our shelter.
Pinto is a beautiful, cuddly, playful and loving doggy, always the first one to be petted.
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Meanwhile one of the puppies was adopted and Pinto was lucky enough to be adopted by someone.
From that moment one his story becomes sad: his master simply abandoned him and the person who had found him contacted us after identifying the data on the microchip. We wonder why some people bite off more than they can chew. The dogs suffer greatly as a result and consequently Pinto suffers greatly in the shelter: besides having lost a lot of weight due to stress, he also got a skin disease that we were trying to treat and keep under control. We tend to believe that it is caused by all the stress in the shelter.
On a different note, Pinto is a little skittish at first, he doesn’t know whether to let you pet him or not, but once you get under his skin he gets very cuddly and loving.
He deserves a good owner. Does he stand a chance?

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