NicoGender: Male
Date of birth: September 2017
Size: Medium

Nico is a wonderful puppy, he is cheerful and full of energy. He has one major need, namely to be adopted by a responsible family.
At the same time, Nico is a shy doggy with a wonderful soul, fond of affection and always ready to play as are all puppies his age. He was born on a field near Protan (a local company in charge of animal carcasses disposal). His mother was very skittish and unfortunately could not be captured so as to be neutered. When she was only a few years old she was mauled to death by other dogs that were just as feral as she was. Her last litter consisted of four puppies, that were about to be taken to the local pound. It broke our heart to learn what the future held in store for them so we stepped in and collected them.
Although he is more skittish, he likes to be petted. He needs a family that will patiently work until they gain his trust. He is quiet and well-behaved when he goes out but plays with his brother at home. In the meantime he began to learn how to walk on a leash, too.
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