MorrisGender: Male
Date of birth: February 1-5, 2014
Size: Medium
Health card: YES

Morris was found with his mother and brothers when he was rescued from the dog catchers. His mother was a stray living in the yard of a villa where she was tolerated and, from time to time, she was given some food.
Her misfortune was that she could often leave the yard and was in great danger of being caught by the dog catchers who frequented the area. A big-hearted lady rescued her and asked us to come and collect her. Although we are space-constrained, we took the little one in our care.
When we collected her, however, we noticed that she was lactating, so we rushed to look for the rest of the family from the place she used to live in. And..we found them, hiding behind a bathtub, six 3-week old hungry puppies crying their lungs out.
Morris will be medium in size even if his mother is small. He is a little shy but very keen to find a responsible and loving home.

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