LolaGender: Female
Date of birth:
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

One day we received a request for help for a broken-legged doggy. The doggy arrived in our custody and was admitted to the veterinary clinic.
Fortunately, the dog that is actually a female does not have a broken paw, although the first impression could lead to this conclusion. Unfortunately, Lola cannot use her paw that only looked broken although it is not broken and she also seems to have Carre’s disease (canine distemper) in the nervous stage, although the investigations show that she only has the sequelae caused by this disease.
The plump doggy does not look sick at all and even if she is not interested in dry or wet food for dogs, she is ready to gobble any type of salami she is offered.
Lola is a cheerful, sociable puppy and it is obvious that she has been cared for by people in her lifetime. She has been waiting for a special adopter, because she has a dysfunctional paw and has some sequelae consisting of a slight tremor in her paws.

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Lola 2