HienaGender: Female
Date of birth: July-August 2012
Size: Medium
Neutered: YES

Hiena was born on a field alongside her many sisters. People started building houses with large and beautiful courtyards on that field. The little beggar would have liked to have her family, but unfortunately those people did not want them there, so when she was only 6 months old and looked like a walking skeleton, and her mother gave birth to new puppies, the people in the area began to apply various tactics to make them disappear.
She was lucky that a benevolent person passed the area, it was someone who could not stand idly by and they came daily with food, tried to build the doggies a home where they could take shelter because it was cold and winter. The house was always destroyed by the malevolent neighbors, so the family had to be moved to a safe place.
The doggy is skittish but she tolerates pets, because she knows that not all people are evil, some have fed her and saved her. Hiena is strong, so a disease that killed 2 of her sisters did not affect her even if they were in the same place. Some would say she was lucky, and we tend to agree. We hope her good fortune culminates with a family who loves her and gives her time to earn her trust.

You can send your adoption requests in case you want to give her a chance, here : asociatia.robi@gmail.com

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Hiena 2